#Started from the bottom, TpH College Tour

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Telefoon pa Hubentud

The “Stichting Arubaanse Kinder- en Jeugdtelefoon” started the project “#Started from the bottom, TpH College Tour”.

This project specifically focuses on the target group secondary school students between the ages of 12 to 18. During the TpH college tour, young people can participate in workshops of successful young entrepreneurs. During these workshops, not only the success stories but also the less pleasant experiences will be told. In addition to the workshop given by the young entrepreneurs, TpH itself also offers three workshops to elementary school pupils.

The themes discussed are:

School problems (studying, bullying) / relationship (being in love, dating, friendship) / violence (conflicts between young people) / home situation (problems at home with parents) and sexuality (contraception, teen pregnancy).

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