CEDE Aruba promotes bringing together people and resources for sustainable development.

In the fight against the socioeconomic and social problems in Aruba, we bring the target groups into contact with each other that can strengthen each other and whenever there is an opportunity for social and educational development. We contribute to a community where people of all ages and backgrounds can develop themselves.

We believe that sustainable development in the Aruban community is feasible.

Objectives of CEDE Aruba

How do we do this?

  • By providing funds.
  • Both directly by CEDE Aruba itself and indirectly by acting as an intermediary for other funds, particularly the Cooperating Funds Caribbean Part of the Kingdom.
  • By providing support and guidance to local organizations in the following areas:
    –    the development, guidance and assessment of projects;
    –    the exploration of financing opportunities for new initiatives.
  • By promoting cooperation at all levels; at a micro, meso and macro level.
  • By acting as a consultation partner for the professional field and the Aruban government.
  • By acting as a catalyst in initiating and supporting new developments.

Team CEDE Aruba

Who are we?

With a team of 3 enthusiastic and passionate permanent employees, we work on the sustainable development in Aruba.

Our subject matter knowledge and drive are the starting points in everything we do.

Daniel Tecklenborg

Daniel Tecklenborg


Bryan Krosendijk

Bryan Krosendijk

Project Coördinator

Yolanda Smit

Yolanda Smit

Project Leader

Board CEDE Aruba

Composition of the Board

The Board of CEDE Aruba consists of five persons. The Board members have a broad knowledge and experience.

The Board is not only responsible for, but also involved in determining the course pursued by CEDE Aruba.

Amy Lasten (Chair)
Merl Serrant-Gibbs (Secretary)
Gina Arends (Treasurer)
Estella Brown-Thodé (Member)
Olivia Croes (Member)

CEDE Aruba

Beatrixstraat 8

T: +297 – 582 – 7666
F: +297 – 583 – 9076
E: cedearuba@setarnet.aw

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