The new generation!

Children and young people are the future generation. Therefore, it is important to stimulate a positive development as early as possible in order to prevent or reduce problems. Many children and young people grow up in single-parent families, often because their parents are divorced or separated. Challenges include behavioral problems, obesity, (cyber)bullying, boredom, lack of parental supervision after school and poor school performance leading to school dropout.

What we do

In the area of activity Children & Young People, CEDE Aruba supports projects aimed at stimulating early development from conception up to and including the age of 6. Additionally, CEDE Aruba wants to pay a lot of attention to the target group of children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18 during the next five years. Our priorities in the area of activity Children & Young People are:

Early Development

In the area of early development, CEDE Aruba supports projects focusing on:

  • Early stimulation of a positive social and emotional development
  • Activities aimed at early prevention
  • Early detection of specific disorders
  • (Semi)residential care and alternative reception projects for children at risk
  • Relief and guidance for children with physical or mental disabilities and/or chronic diseases

Resilience and Self-Fulfillment

In terms of resilience and self-fulfillment, CEDE Aruba supports projects focusing on:

  • Promoting social skills and character education
  • Sexual education and resilience
  • Healthy relationship formation and responsible family formation
  • Encouraging empowerment, leadership and youth participation
  • ‘Service Learning’ and placements in a non-profit or voluntary organization
  • Alternative reception facilities for young people (key children)
  • Projects with music, art, theater, dance or sports as a means of changing attitudes
  • Mentoring projects with (voluntary) social role models/mentors
  • Preventing dropouts or supervising return to appropriate education
  • Methodology development within the (semi-)residential youth services/reception