Strong people, strong families!

Families are the cornerstone of our community. Family structures in Aruba have changed considerably in recent decades, partly due to the increase in divorces and migration. Meanwhile, there are different types of families, such as the classic family, the extended family, the single-parent family, the foster family and the ever-increasing blended family. Families are put under pressure more and more and are less able to properly carry out their care functions.

What we do

In the area of activity Individual & Family, CEDE Aruba supports initiatives aimed at strengthening the economic position of families, creating a coherent offer of assistance for parents and educators and strengthening/alleviating family care. Adult education and self-realization play a major role in this respect. The priorities in the area of activity Individual & Family are:

Economic Welfare

In the area of economic welfare, CEDE Aruba supports projects focusing on:

  • Education about financial attitude and skills
  • Consumer education and consumer rights
  • Cooperation projects relating to poverty care (food, clothing, furniture, etc.)
  • Encouraging integration and reintegration into the labor market and more social labor
  • Full debt assistance, budget management and budget counseling
  • Crisis relief for families and individuals that temporarily have no roof over their heads
  • Entrepreneurship for people on welfare and with a low income
Family Relationships

In the area of family relationships, CEDE Aruba supports projects focusing on:

  • Information and short-term educational support and advice to parents
  • Training and advice to parents with children who have special guidance needs
  • Involvement of fathers in the upbringing of their children
  • Preventive approach aimed at families at risk with parent-child issues
  • Courses and interventions aimed at a healthy relationship formation and stable family relationships
  • Projects aimed at parent participation in education
  • Interventions aimed at (foster) parents with specific requests for assistance
  • Mentoring projects aimed at strengthening the social network
Family Care

In the area of family care, CEDE Aruba supports projects focusing on:

  • Widely accessible public education about the importance of informal care
  • Education, information, training, guidance and support for informal caregivers
  • Strengthening informal networks; activation of a neighborhood and social network (of volunteers)
  • Care replacement, respite care and alleviation of the informal caregiver
  • Home visits for companionship, social contacts, exercise and self-reliance
  • Buddy projects (vital senior citizens meet vulnerable senior citizens)