The neighborhood determines the direction!

CEDE Aruba finds it important to stimulate the dynamics between people in different neighborhood and the entire community. The neighborhoods are the places in the community where life actually takes place. This is the place where people meet each other daily in an easy, natural way. Neighborhoods come in many shapes and sizes, from deprived neighborhoods to luxury neighborhoods.

What we do

In the context of the theme of Neighborhood & Community, CEDE Aruba wants to focus on, among other things, stimulating neighborhood centers, supporting activities for different target groups in the neighborhood and the integration of somewhat isolated neighborhoods into the community as a whole. So far, a broad program of activities, more (voluntary) involvement in neighborhood centers and involvement within small-scale neighborhoods of attention (working-class houses) have been lacking. The priorities in the area of activity Neighborhood & Community are:

Neighborhood Centers

CEDE Aruba will very specifically support the development of the neighborhood centers during the next 5 years. The starting point is to strengthen all neighborhood centers in such a way that there will be a horizontal range of series of activities and programs for all target groups, carried out by volunteers from their immediate surroundings. In addition to the general public, the neighborhood centers will also have to become a point of contact for small-scale neighborhood groups. For this it is important that the neighborhood centers are strengthened at a managerial and staff level, and that the facilities, simultaneously with a socio-cultural program, become more attractive for different target groups in the area. Recruiting and supporting volunteers also form an important theme. Neighborhood centers can receive financing for parts of their annual program and individual activities.

Neighborhood Initiatives

In the next few years, CEDE Aruba will give more support to small-scale neighborhood initiatives, action groups and social groups. The support will focus on strengthening the organizing capability and will be as closely in line as possible with the passion and skills of local residents. The neighborhood initiatives will then receive financial support in the form of budgets. These small budgets can be used for activities aimed at health education, neighborhood embellishment, cleanups, educational workshops regarding various areas of life, activities aimed at safety in the neighborhood and the organization of small social events. The conditions of CEDE Aruba are that there should be a permanent group, demonstrable participation of the neighborhood and that money will be handled responsibly.

Holiday Programs

Each year, CEDE Aruba offers financial support to more than 20 holiday camps. Most camps are aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 14. There are few holiday camps available for young people; therefore, CEDE Aruba wants to promote an increase of the holiday programs even more during the next years. An organization can receive support for location costs and program costs. A great variety in the programs is appreciated. The conditions of CEDE Aruba are that a thorough program and a clear budget are submitted. New organizations should first demonstrate their experience in the field of camping organization. Newcomers can participate in the annual training programs of Vibes for Youth, an incentive program aimed at voluntary recreational leaders.