Integration, participation and customized care

Needs assessments and studies show that people with disabilities between the ages of 18-59 have a common need, namely to improve their standard of living and to work. Another priority is extending their social contacts and interaction with others. There also is a need for special technical devices and customized support in the broadest sense of the word. More than 25% of the children and adults with disabilities require assistance insofar as the general daily necessities of life are concerned, such as household work, cooking, shopping and personal care.

Many children and adults with disabilities have to deal with social exclusion, isolation and a lack of specific care. Notably mentally impaired people run an increased risk of abuse.

What we do

In the area of activity People with Disabilities, CEDE Aruba supports initiatives aimed at integration, participation and customized care.

Integration & Participation
  • General awareness with respect to people with disabilities
  • Encouraging public access
  • (Integrative) day activities for children with disabilities
  • Participation in the labor market and social workshops
  • Transportation support and transportation networks
Customized Care
  • Providing target-group oriented specialized information
  • Support for informal caregivers in arranging and planning the care
  • Support services, such as home care aid, provision of meals, odd-job services and administrative support
  • (Day) care for different target groups
  • Strengthening intensive home supervision for people with a psychiatric background
  • Stimulating independent living or living in groups