Everyone deserves a (second) chance!

What we do

The various vulnerable groups always receive extra attention within the CEDE Aruba policy. It often concerns groups that for some reason are unable to participate in social life. These are groups that need a (second) chance in order to improve their situation. Examples are different high-risk groups within our community, such as former prisoners, school dropouts, teen parents, people with addiction problems and migrants.

Teen Parents
For the target group teen parents, CEDE Aruba supports projects that focus on:

  • Group counseling focused on sexual education, resilience and healthy relationship formation
  • Parenting support, care and guidance for (teen) parents
  • Mentoring projects with voluntary social role models/mentors
  • Crisis relief and/or assisted-living projects for teen mothers and children
  • Training pathways with special childcare
For the target group addicts, CEDE Aruba supports projects that focus on:

  • Early identification of young people at risk for drug abuse
  • After-school care, counseling and treatment of younger users
  • Peripatetic supervision of users and family members
  • Women’s shelters within addiction care
  • Shelters for addicts with multiple problems
For the target group migrants, CEDE Aruba supports projects that focus on:

  • Awareness of the importance of intercultural communication
  • Educational support aimed at the participation of migrants
  • Interculturalization of the assistance to migrants
  • Stimulating training and employability pathways based on previously acquired skills
Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse
For the target group victims of domestic violence and abuse, CEDE Aruba supports projects that focus on:

  • Preventing that violence is considered to be normal
  • Detecting and reporting (child) abuse, neglect and domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • Promoting the care pathway and the close cooperation between all players
  • Promoting expertise aimed at recognizing signs of maltreatment, abuse and neglect
  • Reception and support victims of mistreatment and abuse
  • Assistance to offenders in cooperation with various organizations
  • Economic independence of women who are in a relationship of dependency
Other High-Risk Groups
For other high-risk groups, CEDE Aruba supports projects that focus on:

  • Training and employability pathways
  • Retraining/refresher training and study-work projects
  • Mentoring projects with voluntary social role models/mentors for young people with a criminal record
  • Projects and programs aimed at rehabilitation and reintegration, and
  • Prevention of recidivism of first offenders and (juvenile) offenders
  • Stimulating training in residential establishments with the aim of reintegration into society