Project Financing

CEDE Aruba supports projects of individual organizations. CEDE Aruba finances projects in 6 areas of activity. The costs financed by CEDE Aruba include the renewal of services, maintenance and expansion of products/services, expertise promotion, knowledge transfer, performance of activities. In addition, CEDE Aruba finances to a very limited extent material projects. Important criteria for the assessment of applications are: urgency/relevance, level of support/cooperation, sustainability, risks and transparency of the budget. Furthermore, CEDE Aruba expects the applicant to make a personal contribution in the form of money, time or resources.

Fund Mediation

CEDE Aruba plays a role as a facilitator and matchmaker. CEDE Aruba acts inter alia as a co-financier and advisor of the “Samenwerkende Fondsen Caribisch Deel van het Koninkrijk (SFC)”. In addition, CEDE Aruba is always on the outlook for other possible interesting funds within the Kingdom. This creates more opportunities to make better use of available development funds. For each application, CEDE Aruba assesses whether other funds can be included in the financing of a project, usually in the form of co-financing.

Incentive Budgets

CEDE Aruba has three incentive budgets, namely for neighborhood centers, neighborhood and action groups and holiday camps. The neighborhood centers, neighborhood groups and action groups can apply for small, individual activities and/or the purchase of materials. The activities should be aimed at health education, neighborhood embellishment, cleanups, educational workshops in various areas of life, activities focused on safety in the neighborhood and the organization of small events. A simple and accessible procedure applies for neighborhood budgets. The budget for holiday camps will be used to finance (part of) the costs of holiday camps.

Programs and Actions

CEDE Aruba wants to invest more in valuable cooperation structures, so not just projects of individual organizations, but interventions based on cooperation between organizations as well. For this purpose, CEDE Aruba organizes programs in consultation with the various sectors of the field. Currently, CEDE Aruba is working on the following programs:

  • Poverty reduction
  • Family care
  • Growing old together (Cooperating Funds)
  • Measures facilitating labor market access for people with disabilities
  • Comprehensive approach teen parents
  • Opportunities for young people (Cooperating Funds)
  • Strengthening NGOs (FUNDECO)
  • Strengthening neighborhood centers