Enjoying a good old age

Aruba is aging and not everyone experiences a joyous retirement. There are several worrisome trends and developments that put great pressure on the well-being of part of the elderly population and thus elderly care (ongoing aging population, increasing dementia problems, chronic diseases, physical barriers and a lack of absorption capacity of the homes for the elderly and care homes). Consequently, the importance of informal care and volunteers for the elderly strongly increases. At the same time, the informal caregivers and volunteers often lack knowledge, network and skills to be able to cope with the increasing pressure.


In addition, there is a need for a wider range of educational and recreational activities for the senior citizens. At the same time, more than 50% of all senior citizens above the age of 60 clearly indicate that they would like to contribute more to society; thus, the senior citizens would like to do something for the young people.

What we do

In the area of activity Senior Citizens, CEDE Aruba supports initiatives focusing on “Active Aging” and the development of the care structure.

Active Aging
  • Educational activities in various areas of life
  • Neighborhood-oriented daily activities (repeated encounters)
  • Projects with music, art, theater, dance or sports as a means of participation
  • Activities aimed at voluntary participation
  • Transportation support and transportation networks
Customized Care
  • Providing target-group oriented, specialized information.
  • Support for informal caregivers in arranging and planning the care
  • Alleviating services, such as home care aid, provision of meals, odd-job services and administrative support
  • Stimulating independent living or living in groups
  • (Day) care for vulnerable senior citizens