HappyToGiveBack is Aruba’s VISITOR CHARITY PROGRAM. At this moment, HappyToGive Back reaches out to all international friends of Aruba and local donors in order to support COVID-19 initiatives. Although everybody is affected, we hope that some of you are able to give a small share in order to help us overcome this situation. Every small donation will help us to stock our local foodbank with food supplies and hygiene products and support the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and children in vulnerable situations. There are 4 options to donate: GoFundMe, Whydonate.nl, CEDE Aruba Platform and Bitcoin.

HappyToGiveBack is originally intended to support the Aruban Youth with after school programs, mentorship activities and social support. A donation to HappyToGiveBack normally supports local non-profit projects, helping local youngsters improve academic performance, enhance social skills, explore enrichment activities in the arts, sports, leadership, volunteer work and more. In addition, your donation will support youth at risk programs that provide training and career opportunities for those who did not finish secondary school.