Joining forces and moving forward together

The non-governmental organizations of Aruba are at the heart of civil society. Without the contribution of the NGOs, welfare and social work would fall short considerably. Many NGOs have a long tradition, but, over the last 10 years, many new NGOs have also entered the scene, including in the area of poverty reduction, within youth work, within the care for the disabled, etc.

What we do

CEDE Aruba finds it extremely important that the relatively wide NGO sector is strengthened in Aruba. Therefore, CEDE Aruba focuses on the structural support of NGOs. Consideration could be given to regular knowledge days focused on management aspects, such as policy development, writing project files, setting up an effective accounting system, effective marketing and the use of social media, etc. In addition to knowledge days, CEDE Aruba can also organize courses and training in smaller groups, and somewhat more intensive consulting processes are also possible. For this, external experts will always be hired.

Volunteer Work

Because of the growing need for volunteers within the social and cultural sector, CEDE Aruba will work actively to strengthen the flexible and structural volunteer work within the next few years. CEDE Aruba supports foundations in formulating a policy for their volunteers and helps looking for ways to reach and maintain volunteers better. Finding good board members will also be an important theme. Support can take place through smaller projects and consulting projects.

Organization Development

The strengthening and development of organizations is very important to CEDE Aruba. CEDE Aruba therefore supports projects that focus on governance, costing, product description, project development and innovative marketing. In addition, CEDE Aruba is highly in favor of NGOs better organizing themselves by agreement and entering into a joint dialogue with the government. The establishment of the alliance FUNDECO, facilitated by CEDE Aruba, was a very important step. CEDE Aruba continues offering advice and support to FUNDECO.


Within the next 5 years, CEDE Aruba will take action and actively assist NGOs in raising funds. One of the things CEDE Aruba plans to do is expanding its own funding network and making better use of funds available within the Kingdom. CEDE Aruba will have an intermediary and advisory role in this respect. In addition, CEDE Aruba will offer support for better fundraising strategies in Aruba. In this context, it is important to get proper insight into the use of funds and the actual achievement of results.