Volunteering In Europe

Want to go abroad and make the world a better place, while working on your personal development? And are you between 18-30 years old? 

CEDE Aruba offers opportunities (via the European Solidarity Corps) to work as a volunteer in Europe.

The European Solidarity Corps is an EU initiative which creates opportunities for young people to contribute to projects that benefit communities and people around Europe. By joining a volunteering project, you can effect positive societal change, while improving your skills and competences for personal, educational, social, civic, cultural and professional development. You will also enhance your active citizenship, employability and transition into the labour market.

The volunteering projects that we offer you to participate in, are co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The ESC program falls under the European Union. We, Aruba, can make use of this program because we belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

What does volunteering bring you?

A European Volunteer Project not only gives you the opportunity to do something good for others, but also gives you the opportunity to learn new things, expand your own skills and experience fantastic adventures!

  • You do meaningful work
  • You learn a lot about yourself
  • You get to know different cultures
  • You make new friends
  • You may learn a new language
  • Volunteer work looks good on your resume

The most important goal is: LEARN! Continue to develop yourself through “non-formal & informal learning”. You will also be an ambassador for Aruba and all volunteers after you.

For whom?

Young people between 18-30 years of age from an EU member state. Aruba resides under the Dutch Kingdom so that is why we can participate.

What is supported?

It costs almost nothing to get started as a volunteer. CEDE Aruba (via the European Solidarity Corps) provides reimbursement of your travel and accommodation costs. You will also receive pocket money, a language course and health insurance. We only expect you to cover your travel insurance.

Duration of a volunteering project

A volunteer project can last between 2-12 months. Usually it will be 6 months or longer.

What kind of volunteer work does CEDE Aruba offer and where?

We have a variety of options in Europe. For example, you can work at an institute for mentally disabled people in Spain. Or take care of sheepdogs and wolves in Greece. Or organise projects at a youth center, in Poland.

We keep getting new opportunities. Express your interest by completing this form. We will inform you about upcoming opportunities.

I want to participate! What should I do?

  • Complete this form, so we have your information
  • As soon as we have available opportunities, we will contact you by email
  • You will be invited to apply for the opportunity that you like
  • If you are selected, more information about the preparation and the volunteering placement will follow

Other Opportunities for Youth

Discover, Experience, Inspire, Create & Enjoy

Youth exchanges allow groups of young people from different countries to meet, live together and jointly carry out a work program designed and prepared by them before the exchange. This will take place outside the school environment. The program could be a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations and outdoor activities. They allow young people to develop competences; discover new cultures, habits and life-styles through peer-learning; and strengthen values like solidarity, democracy and friendship.

The aim is to make participation of youth in society easier and more meaningful, and to allow participants to make a step forward in taking their life and profession in their hands and shaping it in a fulfilling way.

Youth Exchanges are subsidized by the Erasmus+ program, the EU program for youth participation. This program aims to enhance the skills and competences of young people as well as their active citizenship. Erasmus+ promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders. The youth activities under Erasmus+ are based on non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourage the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social or cultural background.

CEDE Aruba will soon start organising Youth Exchanges in Aruba. We also are partner in several Youth Exchanges abroad for which we recruit young participants through youth clubs in Aruba.

Opportunities for Youth Workers

Learning is a Lifelong Process

CEDE Aruba, with support of Erasmus+, promotes the professional development of youth workers through training or networking periods abroad.
Periods abroad can consist of training courses, study visits, job shadowing or observation periods at relevant organisations and more.
Youth workers’ mobilities last between 2 days and 2 months, excluding traveling time.
CEDE Aruba is partner in several upcoming Youth Worker mobilities in Europe. Recruitment of youth workers will be done through youth clubs in Aruba.